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Craziest free training I’ve ever attended [Mindblowing!]

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For 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States and 609,640 people will die from the disease. 

YOU can help provide life-saving cancer genetic screening kits at NO COST for Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries that qualify, and be compensated $200-$550 per testing kit!

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✔️ Work entirely online from the comfort of your home
✔️ Earn $200-$550 for each testing kit provided
✔️ Can work outside of USA
✔️ Sense of fulfillment by providing early cancer detection and genetic counseling services at NO COST to the client

YOU can become a Genetics Screening Agent and be highly compensated for providing these life-saving kits!

I’ve always heard people describe a moment where they had an epiphany about their business that completely transformed their perspective and opened their path to success.

Well, that finally happened for me.
Here’s what I mean by ‘fundamentally’ changing my view:

  • No inventory or stocking products in your garage
  • No tech stuff like building sites
  • No complicated comp plans or ‘qualification’ requirements
  • ZERO sales required (yes, this is THAT fundamental of a change!)

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It’s no exaggeration to state this is the most radically powerful business model I’ve seen in my entire life!

See you there,

Joe & Christy Jepsen

I’ve dabbled in multiple ‘online’ opportunities to develop an income. Some have worked, MOST have not. But up until now I’ve NEVER seen anything quite like this free training!

In fact, I can say with certainty – THIS is the only income model that will succeed in 2019 and beyond!

If you’re involved in ANY kind of business online (including mlm, network marketing, ecommerce, or affiliate marketing), you will want to attend this training event. We will be covering exactly how to develop a full time income in 2019 by leveraging a secret new platform with:

– No MLM
– No websites
– No inventory
– And in some cases, with NO Sales (yes you read that right)

This is a FREE training event, and no it’s not going to end up being a sales pitch for some $997 garbage training like a lot of these online things tend to go these days.

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There are very limited seats, so make sure you register for the training ASAP (You will also be able to choose to watch a recent replay):


Join for FREE Here: https://upgroup.io/ug/sundayjoe

See you there!

Joe & Christy Jepsen